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When home insulation begins to degrade, this can cause various health risks for you and your family. Dust and contaminants can begin to filter through your living areas which can be problematic for asthma suffers and those with other respiratory concerns. This is where a reliable insulation removal service can prove pivotal in ensuring the safety of your home. Ambient Insulation specialises in cellulose (also known as blown in) insulation removal and comes backed with the industry strength equipment and necessary qualifications to offer a superior job well done.

When do you need cellulose insulation removal?

If you have an older house or have just moved into a new property, you might not be aware of your insulation’s age. Products from decades ago have long since been superseded by higher quality insulation solutions which are much more efficient. This is often a good reason to have your insulation inspected and to consider upgrading to a better product. Cellulose insulation removal is also important to ensure you remove potential fire hazards. As it is mostly comprised of paper, cellulose that has become damaged and has potentially fallen into contact with downlights, or another heat source in your roof, could result in a home fire.

Not only that, but degraded or contaminated insulation can accumulate harmful toxins which can lead to serious health concerns. If pests have found their way into your roof space (which let’s face it, they more than likely have), then droppings and urine will be sure to have soiled your insulation. If you have a leak in your ceiling and moisture seeps inside, this could also lead to mould, increasing the need to remove your cellulose insulation efficiently.

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