At Ambient Insulation we specialise in the installation and removal of insulation

We are qualified and skilled to carry out a number of other services designed to keep your roof in prime condition

At Ambient Ceilings, we provide a full re-strapping service for plaster-glass ceilings, consisting of the following stages (if required):

  • old insulation removal (if required).
  • dust and debris vacuum using high powered industrial vacuum (if required).
  • prop jacking to plaster glass ceilings where required, pushing ceilings flush with timbers.
  • apply fibreglass strapping rovings, set into place using plaster cast.
  • remove prop jacks the following day, allowing adequate time for strapping system to set.
If you are concerned about the condition of your ceilings, contact Ambient Ceilings now on (08) 9355 5136 or email us at to arrange a free quotation.
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