Plaster glass ceiling

Plaster Glass Ceiling Fixes

At Ambient Insulation we specialise in the installation and removal of insulation

We are qualified and skilled to carry out a number of other services designed to keep your roof in prime condition

Plaster Glass ceiling installations are usually associated with older homes and can provide both ornate and aesthetically pleasing features in the home. These ceilings are made from a super fine grade of plaster reinforced with glass filaments which are fixed to the ceiling spars/joists with the use of hessian or fibre glass straps. As they age these straps break from the ceiling spars/joists and result in sagging and visible cracking of the ceiling.

Many customers we deal with request that their damaged plaster glass ceilings are repaired and restored to their former glory, in-keeping with their property’s character. Ambient Insulation and Ceilings will assess and undertake all types of plaster glass ceiling repair and re-strapping with meticulous care and using quality Australian made products to ensure our customers have a well secured ceiling above their head.

Our experienced team of Ceiling Fixers are experts in plaster glass ceiling restoration, providing the following services:

  • prop-jacking plaster glass ceiling back to timbers.
  • Securing the ceiling with a sturdy hessian strapping system installed to the upper side of the plaster glass ceiling on the inside of the roof space. Please note that Ambient will provide a dust and debris vacuum as the roof space must be cleared of any dirt/debris prior to strapping in order to efficiently secure.
  • fixing and flushing any visible cracks.
  • reparation of unsightly holes.
  • cornice replacement / restoration.
  • in situ moulding and castings.
  • all worked areas prepared with drop sheets etc. and left clean and tidy.

If your ceiling is not plaster glass but plaster board, please refer to our page on Gyprock ceilings for more information.

If you are concerned about the condition of your ceilings, contact Ambient Insulation and Ceilings now on (08) 9355 5136 or email us at to arrange a free quotation.
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