Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

At Ambient Insulation we specialise in the installation and removal of insulation

We are qualified and skilled to carry out a number of other services designed to keep your roof in prime condition

What Are Gyprock Ceilings

Gyprock is the commercial name of a plasterboard that is used widely as an internal wall and ceiling lining board. They have come in to recent times as the preferred material for ceilings in newer houses due to their lightweight nature, ease to install and affordability. Unlike plasterglass ceilings, Gyprock comes in rectangular boards which are glued and then fixed with screws or nails to the ceiling structure.

When a ceiling begins to weaken due to the weight of unevenly distributed and degraded insulation, sagging and cracking begins to appear. These can easily be repaired by Ambient Insulation’s ceiling specialists but even if the damage worsens to the point where the ceiling boards have detached from the frames creating larger cracks and possibly some holes, our skilled personnel will still provide a flawless finish to the job.

Our experienced team of Ceiling Fixers are equipped to rectify any issue you may have with your Gyprock ceiling, including but not limited to:

  • fixing and flushing holes in Gyprock ceilings, achieving a ‘glass-like’ finish.
  • prop-jacking Gyprock ceiling back to timbers and securing with screws, followed by flushing and patch painting.

* Please note; at Ambient Ceilings, we always check the roof and internal roof cavity for issues that may have caused the ceiling damage, such as cracked tiles and damp insulation.

If you are concerned about the condition of your ceilings, contact Ambient Ceilings now on (08) 9355 5136 or email us at to arrange a free quotation.
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