Ceiling Cracks & Other Damages

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It is important to act quick when your ceilings begin to sag or show visible signs of ceiling cracks. Most home insurance polices do not cover for collapsed ceilings unless the home owner can prove that maintenance has been carried out.

Examples Of Ceiling Cracks & Other Failed Ceilings


Ceiling Cracks

Ceiling cracks can come about due to a variety of reasons. Most often these cracks start off as fine hairline cracks before progressing to larger more noticeable cracks that will affect the integrity of your ceiling. The most common cause of ceiling cracks is due to the weight of old insulation in the roof space. Old insulation absorbs moisture and can act as bedding for nests of vermin. Over the years the old insulation product gains so much weight that the ceiling can begin to sag and thus cracks form. It is best recommended to have the old insulation removed and new better products installed before ceiling cracks repairs commence.

Long Ceiling Cracks


Ceiling Sag

Another detrimental effect to the integrity of your ceiling due to old insulation is ceiling sag. The Gyprock plaster boards or Plaster glass panels become weakened as poor quality insulation increase in weight over the years causing them to belly outwards towards the floor. The straps that hold plaster glass ceilings up can also corrode over time as vermin and moisture attack it resulting in the panels detaching from the battens. Ceiling sag is usually a precursor to ceiling cracks and is an early warning sign of a weakened ceiling.

Sagging Ceiling

Ceiling Damage due to Mold

An early warning sign of ceiling damage is the presence of mold. The growth of mold tends to indicate constant moisture that can be due to a leak in the roof. Moisture does not only cause mold but also causes expansion of the ceiling boards which eventually leads to ceiling cracks which may progress to bigger holes unless fixed by a professional. Another issue with mold may be more insidious and less visible. The presence of black mold has been known to cause negative health effects associated with the respiratory system. Irritation to the eyes, nasal and oral mucus membranes, persistent headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic sneezing, chronic coughing and rashes are all symptoms of black mold exposure and black mold poisoning. A professional a Ambient Insulation and Ceilings can not only remove the mold but also repair the affected areas back to a pristine condition.

Black mold ceiling damage




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